What kind of website do we have to choose for our business?

The Creation of a website is concerned with the company’s activity. The basic types of websites are:
• Internet Shop
• Site Presentation Card
• Corporate Site
• Internet Portal

These days Internet is more and more affecting our lives and business. Internet Shops came into existence, their owners enjoyed significant cost reduction – less salaries to be paid due to less staff employed, less premises to occupy, in some cases no need in warehousing. Other main advantages: worldwide customers.

To maximize on your chosen online opportunity to make money on the Internet, you want to ensure that your website navigation is easy and intuitive. While easy website navigation will help to sell, it is excellent customer service that will get your customers coming back to your site as well as recommend it to others. 

If you are a small business without a website the Business Card Site is perfect for a new business or company who simply wants to establish a spot on the Internet without investing a large amount of money in an entire site.

A Business Card Site is four-pages Web site designed with your company's look, a brief overview or mission statement, and relevant contact information. It is an excellent way to reserve your place on the Web and allow customers to find you. It also allows you to have a Web identity while developing a larger site or evaluating your Internet strategy. 

In general the term "corporate website" indicates the company’s official presentation in the Internet environment. A web portal is essentially a large scale corporate website that is usually used to centralize information from a variety of sources. Whether you are providing original content (such as articles and blogs) or drawing content from external sources (such as news, events, etc.), our portal system can handle your tasks.